At 4YP, we’ve been lucky to have the support of a number of groups in the past, with activities ranging from fundraising to painting.

But now we’d really appreciate your support to promote the services 4YP offers to young people. What better legacy for all your hard work than helping to change lives by improving health and wellbeing?

We want as many young people as possible to know what we offer, how we can help. But we don’t have the time, contacts or any money to do it with.

Young people like you are the best people to help, because you know how young people communicate and what appeals to your age group.

While you can be as creative as you like, ideas we have include:

  • an event that gets people talking – e.g. a fundraising bike ride. How about a flashmob – something like this could also be filmed and shared online to make the awareness go even further
  • things we can hand out at events we attend so young people remember us at a time they want/need to access our services – e.g. wristbands, pens, etc. with the 4YP logo and website address on
  • promotional materials – again, maybe a video, or animation or graphics that carry a message and are engaging and can be shared online and printed
  • tote bags or t-shirts – these can have the 4YP logo, contact details and a brief message. 4YP could have them and offer them to people for a small donation, which would help us purchase more so there is a cycle of ongoing awareness raising, and a real legacy to your project
  • an awareness-raising campaign – be creative, or use any of the ideas above as a starting point – you could create a comic book based on your experiences or even talk on the radio about what 4YP means to you as young people – maybe someone in your group has used our services in the past, or just knowing that 4YP is here for you should you ever need it – this could speak volumes to other young people listening

As 4YP is so busy during the summer, we sadly won’t be able to attend any events or give talks. However, if you email we would be happy to arrange to meet with you at 4YP to briefly discuss your project.

If fundraising is your game, maybe you can help us raise enough money to provide a new young people’s kitchen at 4YP. View our campaign page for full details.