Why Support 4YP?

is all we need to send text alerts to more than 150 young people each week to remind them of their 4YP appointments – this reduces missed appointments, meaning the donations we receive go a lot further.

Around this much is enough to run one our regular evening groups, packed full of activities for an entire year where young people can make friends, learn new skills and feel better.

is covering an hour of online chat support with Ask the 4YP Expert – reaching young people in isolated areas of Suffolk .

This amount provides an entire course of professional 4YP counselling for a young person requiring support for their emotional and mental health (for an average of 8 sessions).

will get us a month of ingredients for the 4YP kitchen, where young people learn how to eat well on a tight budget, and to easily cook tasty meals that benefit their physical health and develops their ability to live independently.